What is the project?

Birds are vulnerable to human-induced change in their surroundings and several species all over the world, are under the threat of population decline. For ecologists, the use of technology supplements many traditional field studies, which are usually human as well as cost-intensive and are limited in their scalability. Technology can be used to create systems which cut down human effort and can scale up to collect and analyse vast amount of data.More Info


Anshul Thakur anshul.iitmandi@gmail.com
Arjun Pankajakshan em.arjunp@gmail.com
Harshita Seth seth.harshi@gmail.com
Rhythm Bhatia bhatiarhythm06@gmail.com
Paras Mehra parasmehra1891@gmail.com
Akash Kumar kmr2907akash@gmail.com
Piyush Goyal piyushgoyaliit@gmail.com
Anoushka Banerjee s19016@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Richa Singh richas510@gmail.com
Dr. Arnav Bhavsar arnav.iitmandi@gmail.com
Dr. Dileep A.D. addileep@iitmandi.ac.in
Dr. Padmanabhan Rajan padman@iitmandi.ac.in


Dr. Robin Vijayan, IISER Tirupati
Vaibhav Pratap Singh, C-DAC Bangalore
Dr. Anil Prabhakar, IIT Madras
Dr. Samira Agnihotri, NIAS Bangalore
Himachal Pradesh Forest Department


We gratefully acknowledge the funding from :
  1. National Mission on Himalayan Studies (34 Lakhs)
    • Data Collection from IIT Mandi and surrounding areas.
    • Multimodal Bird Classification and Biodiversity Monitoring System
  2. DST-SERB (46.9 Lakhs)
    • Data Collection (IISER Tirupati)
    • Recoder Development (CDAC Bangalore)
    • Algorithm Development for Birds call Classification (IIT Mandi)
  3. IIT MAndi (Seed Grant)




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